Fresh shellfish

We work with amazing suppliers from up and down the UK to provide you with an enormous variety of fresh shellfish to suit every taste, including lobsters, langoustines, crabs, clams, oysters, mussels and scallops. The majority of the shellfish that we sell at the shop is sourced from UK waters where some of the best shellfish in the world comes from. We also sell shellfish from shores further away, including huge juicy tiger prawns from the Indian Ocean – perfect for barbecue season. Our shellfish is with us within 24 hours of being landed so we can guarantee its freshness. Some of our most popular items are below – feel free to contact us at the shop if there is something you haven’t spotted on the list and we’ll do our best to source it for you.


We sell a massive selection of prawns, from frozen to fresh, from small to jumbo. Our small frozen prawns are sourced from Greenland and perfect in prawn cocktail starters. Both cooked and raw tiger prawns of varying sizes are also available and are beautifully arranged on the shop front for you to choose from.


Our crab comes from Brixham in Devon and arrive at the shop within 24 hours of being landed. We cook whole crabs in-house and also stock dressed crab or handpicked white or brown crab meat. Available all year round.


Varying in size from 500g to 2 kilos, our delicious pot-caught lobsters are a big hit with customers. Available live or cooked, English or Canadian (depending on the season).


Our plump mussels come from the River Teign in Dorset or the Shetlands – both rated as some of the best mussels in the UK. Mussels are best in the colder months!


Oysters have been cultivated in the creeks around Mersea Island in Essex since Roman times, and this is exactly where our delicious oysters are from. We stock either Native or Rock oysters. If you have a favourite type of oyster we can source it for you. Available all year round.


We sell stunning scallops caught from clean and nutrient-rich North Atlantic waters around Shetland’s coastline. They have a sweet and delicate flavor and are satisfyingly meaty! Available all year round.


Our clams are from Poole in Dorset. We stock a whole range of sizes depending on what dish you’re cooking.